Efficacy Of Slurry Valves And Knife Gate Valves


Slurry applications and servicing is incomplete without involvement and recruitment of slurry valves as it can smooth down the industrial procedures without consuming much time. Valves are prepared, designed and constructed with extreme care and efficient handling as it cannot hold up work with abrasive nature of slurries. If a substantial amount of slurry is needed to be operated on valves for slurry like pinch valves are commonly used and recommended by machinist and industrialists. Such valves are often found in areas like waste water plants, paper and sand mills where large quantities of slurries are found. Due to the variable nature and composition of slurry, some valves are practically used to manage abrasive and acidic type of slurries. These are called as knife gate valves, coordinating with high solid suspensions of slurry. These valves are beneficial for continuous flow of viscous slurry without any external interference or blockage.

Slurry valves

Valves selection and use entirely depends upon the services needed to perform and the financial cost invested over it. Slurry is nearly impossible to move, handle, operate and functionally stable with hands, thus, innovative secondary industrial products are demanded for it. Such additional instruments which might be small in structure but are effective in quickly working with slurry are called slurry valves.

One of the basic functions of slurry valves is to manage slurry control in all pressure and temperature conditions. Slurry valves are widely available in reasonable price ranges for different mechanical, mining processing and plugging techniques etc. Opening and closing is properly ensured before beginning with slurry activities. There are number of different types of slurry related valves which are involved in multiple arenas of industrial works and are mostly chosen in compatibility to the slurry composition and nature.

Use of knife gate valves

One of the most précised performance and actin valves for slurry are the knife gate valves. The efficiency of this type of valve action is carefully observed through the quality flow movement of thick solid composed slurry through valves seat with no complications of interference in between the processing. The basic procedure of knife gate valves is by simply chopping-off media like grease, oil, powder, granular substances and slurries etc. into specific chunks and parts that then easily move-off from the valves structure.

The knife gate valves are not suitable for throttling like other valves but can be very good for managing thick, dense and concentrated solids. The advantages associated with this type of slurry related valves is that they have much better shelf-life, overall lower costs, more précised performance, reliable results, shut-off positives are achievable and very common in utility servicing involving slurry.


Slurry valves are of different types, number and composition parameters that are well-coordinated with the type of slurry services needed to be offered. Knife gate valves are one such efficient valve that are specified in flow, cut and handling thick, viscous and dense slurries without blocking the flow.For more information visit our website www.hpvpl.com.

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